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How to Fill up Form-8

1. The application should be addressed to the Electoral Registration Officer of the constituency in which the name of the applicant is already included.
The name of the constituency should be mentioned in the blank space.

2. In Part I (Item (a) and (b) )of the Application, the applicant should write his name, as it should appear in the electoral roll. In case the initials to applicant's name printed in the electoral roll are in abbreviated form and he wants them to be printed in expanded form he can write his full name in expanded form.

The full name except the surname should be written in the first box and surname should be written in the second box. In case the applicant does not have a surname, the given name only should be written.

Caste should not be mentioned except where the caste name is used as part of the elector's name or a surname. Honorific appellations like Shri, Smt. Kumari, Khan, Begum, Pandit etc. should not be mentioned.

3. Item (c): Please fill up the Part Number and serial number in that part of electoral roll where the name of the Applicant is listed. This is mandatory.

4, For correction in date of birth, documentary proof should be attached as under:

i) Birth certificate issued by a Municipal Authorities or district office of the Registrar of Bi(hs & Deaths or Baptism certificate; or
ii) Birth certificate from the school (Govt. / Recognised) last attended by the applicant or any other recognised educational institution; or
iii) If a person is class 10 or more pass, he should give a copy of the marksheet of class 10, if it contains date of birth as a proof of date of birth; or
iv) Marksheet of class 8 if it contains date of birth; or
v) Marksheet of class 5 if it contains date of birth; or
vi) A declaration in prescribed format given in Annexure-l (made available on demand by registration authorities) made by either of his parents if the person is not educated till class l0 (In those cases where parental declaration is given as proof of age, the applicant will have to be present himself for verification before BLO/AERO/ERO); or
vii) A certificate of his age given by a sarpanch of the concerned Gram Panchayat or by a member of the concemed Municipal Corporation / Municipal Committee, in case the person is not educated till class 1 0 and both the parents are not alive. viii) Indian Passport. ix) PAN Card.
x) Driving License.
xi) Aadhar letter issued by UIDAI.
Note: Documentary proof of age will be required only in those caseso where age applicant is between 18 and 21 years. In all other cases declaration of his age applicant will be taken as proof of age.
Details of Electors' Photo Identity Card (Item d).

1. If the Applicant has already been issued a Photo Identity Card by the Election Commission,
the card number (printed on the front side) and date of issue (printed on the back side) of the card in the space provided in Item (d) of the Application Form, should be mentioned. Please attach a self-attested photocopy ofboth sides ofthe card.
2. If the Applicant wants a fresh EPIC due to correction in entries through Form 8, an application has to be made for issue of such replacement EPIC in EPIC-001 (as per the To be appended to Form-8 of the by the a ..,.r
format given as Annexure-Il) with old EPIC and the requisite fee after correction by ERO on basis of Form-8. ,.,,,). ,., Details of entries to be corrected. ;s1. In item (e) of the Application, the applicant should clearly tick the entry(ies) to be corrected. Therefore, this is a very important part of the Application
2. In most part of the country now the electoral roll is printed with the photograph of electors. In case the application is for correcting a wrong photograph, then the applicantmay tick on the "Photograph" in item (e) of the application and please, attach a recent passport size colour photograph with the application.
In case of correction of entries in electoral roll, please mention correct particulars (which should be after proposed correction) in the box provided for this purpose, just below the item (e) of the Form.
3. Full name and address on the acknowledgement and intimation portions should also be given.
4. Applicant may give mobile number and E-mail I.D in the Form, which is optional, as the same, if given, may be used by the Electoral Registration Officer for further communication with the applicant whenever required. Replacement EPIC

If the Applicant wants replacement EPIC with new address, he should apply for the same in Form EPIC-001 (as per the Format as Annexure I ),
with requisite fee for replacement EPIC, and old EPC, after enrolment at the new place on the basis of Form 8A.

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